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How long does the My Careers journey take to complete?

The career journey takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, however, it can be completed in several sessions.

Do you provide accessible software?

Yes, the My Careers team can modify the software to suit learning and accessibility needs. Please contact our team to address specific requirements.

How is My Careers different to other careers platforms?

My Careers is a smart-algorithm, a platform that connects students with personalised, relevant careers and courses. It is designed to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed in their career journeys by providing a wide range of information in one place.

How do you ensure the security of student data?

Our data is stored with the highest level of security through Azure on Australian servers in South Australia. 

Data is owned by the individual and any individual may request for their data to be deleted at any time. If a request is not made, data will be held for the individual. 

Our privacy policy is available here:

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How is student data uploaded in the platform?

My Careers provides a template for school to collect data on subjects, grading and student details. This information is then uploaded internally.

How do students activate their accounts?

Students are sent two emails – one is an activation email that invites them to complete their My Careers journey, the other is a temporary password email for first-time login. These emails will be sent in accordance with workshop/subscription dates.

When will student's receive their password?

Students will receive their password to their school email address before the commencement of the workshop, or at the start of the subscription period – whichever is specified by the school.

My student hasn't received a log in email - what should I do?

Please ask the student to check their spam/junk folder as sometimes the activation emails are directed there.

If an email is not found, teachers are able to activate student accounts in the dashboard section of the My Careers platform. In the dashboard, select ‘Students’ > ‘Add New’ and fill out the appropriate information. Once entered, click ‘Create and Send’ and the activation email will be sent to the student.

Can a student review their answers?

Students can revisit their career journey at any time! The software is designed to grow with the user as they progress in their career journey.

How do I review results for a cohort?

In the My Careers platform, select ‘Analytics’ and click on the appropriate year level in the drop-down menu to view results.

The student has completed their career journey but I can't see their results.

Please ensure the student has clicked ‘submit results’ on their career journey.

I am unable to log in to the teacher account.

Please contact your account manager to reset your access.

Where do I direct students who have further questions?

Please advise students to contact us via live chat directly through the My Careers website with any queries or feedback. Alternatively, they may email us at