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Our platform guides your students through interactive career exploration

Our platform guides you through interactive career exploration.

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Career exploration in blended learning environments

  • Easy to use agile platform that engages students and parents in online and blended learning.
  • Interactive career pathway planning, integrated with SSO, Zoom, Teams and Collaborate.
  • Comprehensive interests, personality, skills, subjects, careers and further education exploration.

Engaging students through purposeful pathways

  • Whole-person insights and engaging, inclusive online exploration.
  • 98% of future career pathways mapped in one platform.
  • 100% of Australian university and vocational course entry requirements.

Quickly understand your students

  • Consolidating careers information in one easy to use platform.
  • Meaningful whole cohort data in under 45 minutes.
  • See more students in less time.

Capture credentials of the future

  • Build student profiles beyond the resume.
  • Integrate micro-credentialing.
  • Connect students with industry.