Six reasons disparate systems are outdated

Disparate systems refer to separate and unconnected systems, which can cause problems such as data silos, inefficient processes, and difficulty in sharing information. 

In an educational context, disparate systems relate to the disconnection between topics, strategy and data which results in an overwhelming and unmanageable information overload.


Here are six reasons why disparate systems can be considered outdated in the career education sector:

1. Inefficient processes

Disparate systems often lead to manual, repetitive, and time-consuming processes, which can decrease productivity and efficiency. Students who search for university course information individually are often faced with a multitude of choices and find themselves going in cyclical motions when reviewing options.

2. Data silos

Disparate systems can create data silos, where important information is stored in isolated systems and is difficult to access and integrate. Without interconnected platforms, data is lost and providing personalised career education is a challenge.

3. Difficulty in sharing information

Disparate systems can make it difficult for different departments and teams to share information, leading to inefficiencies and miscommunications. In a career education context, sharing information is vital to develop interpersonal relationships that assist students in creating a future that excites them.

4. Increased risk of errors

With disparate systems, it’s more difficult to ensure data consistency and accuracy, leading to increased risk of errors and incorrect information.

5. Lack of real-time insights

Disparate systems can make it difficult to access real-time information, which can limit the ability to make informed decisions. Platforms such as My Careers, provide real-time data which allow educators to connect with students effectively. 

6. Increased cost

Disparate systems can be more expensive to maintain and upgrade, as each system requires separate resources and support.


With a world full of opportunity, disparate systems may overwhelm and confuse students, limiting their course and career search. Complete systems, such as My Careers, provide a platform for students and educators to explore hundreds of opportunities in the one location – leading to fulfilling and personalised career journeys.

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