Looking beyond ATAR

Australians are living in an increasingly digital and turbulent world, facing a tremendous paradigm shift in the way that they work, play and connect. Almost every industry is transitioning towards digital and is embracing the change our fourth industrial revolution will bring. We need to work together to manage our transition successfully, as the impacts will be profound with the potential to change our way of life forever.

Governments alone cannot be responsible for our future prosperity; our communities and people need to work together when such a fundamental shift is occurring. We must nurture the future generations of Australian’s with a more agile education system. As with any complex system, some parts work, and some parts do not. One thing is abundantly clear though, the future of work is changing, and education is changing with it.

When the Australian Learning Lecture aggregated some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the sector, Beyond ATAR, a proposal for change was born. After reading through the proposals made in the report, it just made sense to me. Education towards a score is not the outcome, education towards your future is.

We need to look more closely at how we are supporting our future generations to succeed and take Australia forward with an education system designed for the modern world.

Check out the Beyond ATAR report here.