How savvy educators are solving Australia’s skills gap

One of the most common questions we hear from educators is, “How can I empower students to make the best decisions for their future?”


It’s a great question. We’re living in a world that’s continuously changing. Innovation, disruption, and technological advances are transforming our industries and jobs.

At the core of this challenge is Australia’s growing skills gaps. The skills students develop today will play a critical role in shaping our future. So, it’s no wonder educators and students alike need support.

If you’re an educational leader who’s passionate about helping students achieve a rewarding future, it’s time for a new approach to career education. In successfully preparing students for the future, you’re also in a unique, invaluable position to address Australia’s growing skills gap.


But this demands innovation.


Ultimately, the best career education solutions must help educators:

  • Understand the vast career options available
  • Match students with top-growing occupations
  • Provide students with learning pathways to develop critical skills for the future.

That’s where online purpose-built tools come in. Often, career exploration platforms will ask students to complete persona and interest surveys. Then, if their results align with in-demand jobs, they receive post-school course and career recommendations that match. Better yet, great platforms can be customised to your school.


Students who have the opportunity to develop Australia’s most in-demand skills can expect to reap the rewards. Think: substantial career opportunities, lucrative remuneration, and meaningful work that benefits communities.


Now that Term 4 is in full swing, secondary school educators in particular are in an ideal position. As we know, it’s typically the time of year when students in Year 10-12 seek (and can gain the most from) advice and direction to take the next step in their learning journey.

Discover how My Careers can help you address Australia’s skills gap at the school level, and successfully prepare students to transition into the new world of work. We’re in the business of guiding students towards rewarding futures together with schools. We invite anyone interested in understanding more about My Careers to connect with us in this discussion.