Empowering students to make the best decisions towards their future

We were all once students, trying to navigate our way through the early stages of life. The different decades have shown such a tremendous amount of change, and the pace of this change is ever increasing. Where Artificial Intelligence was once a protagonist in cinema, it is now a career. Since our digital revolution started in the 80’s humanity has moved forward with access to seemingly limitless potential.

Never has the quote “If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind” been so relevant to our educators, and the industry is rallying around the change. The impacts of this great work, make a brighter future for us, as Australians competing on an increasingly global technology stage.

In Australia, we have ardent educators who are transitioning from risk-averse linear education to a more flexible curriculum, enabling the creative exploration of information by students and welcoming the recognition of individuals skills and abilities beyond ATAR.

By creating student-directed learning environments and enhancing deeper self-understanding across secondary education, educators are empowering students to drive conversations around learning choices with teachers, career advisors, mentors and parents efficaciously.

For young people, a new imperative of globalisation, technology and artificial intelligence means fewer students are taking linear pathways from school to further education, work and life. Like any transition, young or old, people can feel overwhelmed when making decisions towards meaningful studies and a rewarding future. Developing personal insights that help students to understand how skills across all aspects of their life can impact their development and pathways towards a rewarding and adaptable future is essential.

Students are naturally embracing the future of work, it’s all they know.

Capturing rich data within any learning environment and introducing interactive exploration enables students to develop reliable predictors of future success in the workplace while taking ownership of their learning styles and pacing themselves accordingly towards their educational and career goals.



We started My Careers to make a real impact on young Australians and influence a brighter future for our communities. It’s thrilling to see how students connect with data-driven insights on what they know, feel and understand at different stages of their learning. Displaying aggregated data through interactive, captivating and thought-provoking visualisations, empowers students to lead purposeful career research and experience meaningful discussions with educators, career advisors, parents, mentors and peers.

Here is one of our users speaking about her experience with our interactive platform My Careers.